Truck Accident Attorney Albuquerque

The Law Offices of Erika E. Anderson are aware and educated on the intricate differences between a truck accident and a car accident and are prepared to fight for you in court.

Due to their experience with motor vehicle accidents in general, they know how to specifically litigate truck accident cases by using precise language and expert investigating skills.

We will educate you on the main differences between types of motor vehicle accidents and your options moving forward, but will act as your main form of legal representation when meeting with opposing parties and insurance companies and if your case is taken to trial.

Finding an attorney experienced specifically with truck accidents can be a deciding factor on whether your case is credible or not. Start with an experienced attorney today by calling the Law Offices of Erika E. Anderson for a consultation.

Differences Between Truck Accident and Car Accident Cases

Due to the fact that trucks are generally larger vehicles than cars, the likelihood of getting in a truck accident increases as well. Different types of trucks include semi-trucks, trailer-tractors, elevated trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, concrete mixers, and more.

Because so many different types of trucks exist, proving liability in a truck accident can be more difficult than a car accident. Here are some of the possible parties that could be held liable:

The pool of potential liable parties is so great that the following sets of criteria must be met to prove who is liable

You deserve a truck accident attorney well versed in the intricacies of a truck accident listed above. The Law Offices of Erika E. Anderson have what you need to create a compelling case.

Services We Provide in a Truck Accident Case

When forming a credible case surrounding a truck accident, some other information, additional to standard car accident cases, is required. The services we provide are similar to that of a car accident case but with some minor differences:

Why Choose the Law Offices of Erika E. Anderson For Your Truck Accident Case?

With so many potential liable parties involved, it is important to choose an attorney with specific experience regarding truck accidents. Personal injury is a good basis for this experience, but that type of attorney might not know the specifics of a truck accident case.

Good for you, the Law Offices of Erika E. Anderson are trained with both types of cases and know the severe consequences that can occur. They know that there are more potential liable parties involved, meaning they will pursue every opportunity possible to ensure you get compensation for the pain, suffering, and financial burden that has been placed upon you.

If you need help in this time of need and want to know how you can start the process of filing a truck accident claim, contact the Law Offices of Erika E. Anderson today.

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