Estate Planning Lawyer Albuquerque

Do you need to create an estate plan for yourself or a member of your family ? Erika assists individuals with estate planning documents, including a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive for clients in New Mexico.

Erika takes time to get to know and understand her client’s financial situation, as well as  her client’s future goals. Erika’s law firm is experienced with estate planning and she understands the various issues that can lead to possible litigation and Will contests. She knows the correct steps required in the creation of an estate plan that reduces the possibilities of disputes arising in the future. She uses concise language and ensures that all potential dispute aspects are covered.

Erika also has significant experience with probate litigation. She understands that being involved in a probate matter may be a stressful time for families and she provide her clients with support to navigate through the process.

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To learn more about estate planning and the documents and information needed to start the process, contact us.