Do you need help starting a new business?

Erika E. Anderson is an experienced Business Formation and Business Matters Lawyer serving Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Having run a successful business herself, Erika provides her business clients comprehensive advice regarding how to run a business. She uses her business experience to provide practical and workable solutions for her business clients. Regardless of whether your organization is a large corporation, a small to medium business or a public entity, she can help you navigate the complexities of doing business.

Erika has significant experience in business litigation. She understands how complex business and commercial law can be, and therefore offers a wide variety of services, achieving cost effective solutions for her clients. She offers comprehensive advice as a result of having developed collaborative relationships with others who can be called upon to provide additional opinions and information such as CPA’s and financial advisers. Her office offers prompt service in a timely fashion producing successful results while working on aggressive timelines. She is experienced in working with a wide variety of business structures such as incorporated companies, sole practitioners, joint ventures and partnerships.

Erika works diligently to assess business risks in order to limit any risk to the immediate assets. She advises her clients and guides them to choose the right business structure for their commercial requirements taking into account the taxation issues, startup costs and client’s legal obligations.