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6. Peace of Mind – an Estate Plan is a Gift

A man Creating his Estate Plan in New Mexico

Once you’ve successfully created your Estate Plan with an attorney, it will remain viable for as long as you choose. There’s no need to worry about it becoming lost or forgotten, as our firm will keep a signed copy on file in perpetuity. Your plan can be amended as many times as necessary – usually to reflect major life changes like a new child – but will never “expire” in New Mexico as long as you remain a resident. This means that you can rest assured that your Estate Plan will always be ready when needed, even if something happens unexpectedly or suddenly. And of course, as your life circumstances change, you can always completely re-create your plan from the ground up anytime in the future that you decide. Creating an Estate Plan with an attorney now, before the presence of haste or worry, is truly giving yourself and your family the gift of some well-deserved peace of mind.

Post Author: Erika Anderson